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The initial idea was born at the end of 2008 when the Larnaka Municipality Welfare Committee commissioned Progress Cyprus to create and operate a “Leisure & Lifestyle” orientated program.

This popular concept was later developed and expanded to a variety of dedicated Community, Welfare, Social, Cultural and Specialized Interest Groups of excellent standing. The number of confirmed Members currently stands in excess of 2500 Members and rising.

It is now also possible for members of the Public to purchase an individual card. See Public Card for more details.

The core objectives of the Leisure & Lifestyle program are...
  • To feature a wide selection of Hotels, Resorts, Agro Tourism and Cruises in Cyprus at trade rates. 
  • To extend the program to the family and friends of all Members. 
  • To offer discounts in selected Restaurants, Bars, Shops, Museums and Attractions. 
  • To feature extra services such as Flights, Tours, Weddings and Parties through approved Partners.